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Blackhawk Emergency Management Group

Public Health and Health Care

Blackhawk Emergency Management Group experts are versed in all areas of public health and hospital emergency preparedness and Strategic National Stockpile operations. Through training and exercises, we assist with Medical Countermeasure Distribution and Dispensing planning and validation. We also help hospitals comply with The Joint Commission (TJC) in areas of care environment, safety management, emergency preparedness, and other requirements necessary to gain and maintain TJC accreditation.   


Public Health Emergency Preparedness

In Accordance with CDC-RFA-TP12-120 HPP and PHEP cooperative agreements, we will provide clients with a solid plan to receive, stage, store, distribute and dispense material during a public health emergency, using as our benchmark the Medical Countermeasure Distribution and Dispensing Composite Measure Guide (2012-2013).


Blackhawk EMG Expertise 


  • Review and develop current emergency plans
  • Point of Dispensing (POD) standards
  • Distribution standards
  • Distributing FSE
  • Dispensing FSE
  • Master Exercise Practitioners plan and conduct required HSEEP compliant discussions and operations based exercises
  • Conduct and develop an after-action review/improvement plan
  • Medical countermeasure distribution and dispensing
  • Strategic National Stockpile (SNS)
  • Staffing and job action sheets
  • Just-in-time staff development package
  • CHEMPACK planning and validation
  • Technical Assistance Reviews (TAR)
  • Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI)
  • Point of Dispensing (POD) design and training
  • Receive, Stage and Store (RSS) site development and training
  • Mock disaster exercise development and facilitation
  • Development and testing of command, control and communication
  • Public health incident command system application
  • Security


Joint Commission Standards 

There are six focus areas for hospitals to demonstrate they have proper plans and response mechanisms in place during an emergency. During planned exercises, the organization monitors, at a minimum, the following critical areas:

  • Communications – both internal and external to community care partners, state/federal agencies
  • Supplies – adequate levels and appropriateness to the situation
  • Security – enabling normal hospital operations and protecting staff and property
  • Staff – roles and responsibilities within a standard hospital incident command structure
  • Utilities – enabling self-sufficiency with a goal of 96 hours
  • Clinical activity – maintaining care, supporting vulnerable populations, alternate standards of care


ASPR Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP)

The focus of the ASPR Hospital Preparedness Program (HPP) is no longer bioterrorism, but all-hazards preparedness. The purpose is to enhance the ability of hospitals and health care systems to prepare for, and respond to, bioterrorism and other public health emergencies. Program priority areas include interoperable communication systems, National Incident Medical System compliance and training, bed tracking, personnel management, mass fatality management planning, and hospital evacuation and shelter in-place planning. During the past five years, HPP funds have also improved medical surge capacity and resources, decontamination capabilities, isolation capacity, pharmaceutical supplies, training, education, drills and exercises.


Additional Areas Blackhawk EMG Can Help 


  • Hospital emergency operations plans
  • Plan and conduct required HSEEP discussion and operations-based exercises
  • Conduct and develop after-action review/improvement plan
  • Hazard vulnerability analysis
  • Business continuity planning
  • Medication cache development and management
  • Active shooter
  • Hospital information command system
  • Communication
  • Evacuation/reunification
  • Loss of utilities/services
  • Chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE)
  • Pandemic influenza planning
  • Security



The Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP)

Let Federal Emergency Management (FEMA) trained Master Exercise Practitioners (MEP) from Blackhawk EMG develop and implement your tabletops, drills and exercises.


HSEEP is a capabilities and performance-based exercise program that provides a standards for exercise design, development, conduct, evaluation, and improvement planning. Through exercises, the National Exercise Program helps organizations identify areas that need strengthening.


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